Viva Ireland

Not a lot of basketball upsets here in the States, but a St. Paddy’s day miracle at the cricket world cup has me stunned.

My late father played on a club team when he was in grad school at Berkeley. They toured California playing teams made up of folks from every corner of the Commonwealth. He was a bowler, and a fairly decent one. He gave it up when he came to Santa Barbara to teach and had no one to play with.

Though I understand the game better than 90% of Americans, that’s not saying much. I still watch cricket on TV when I’m in the UK and am forced to whisper urgently to someone nearby, “Uh, what just happened?”

UPDATE: Pakistan’s English-born coach died this morning, hours after the match, of apparently natural causes. The loss to Ireland can’t have helped.

0 thoughts on “Viva Ireland

  1. Ah, the poor chap. They were burning him in effigy in the streets of Karachi, and demanding the imprisonment of the entire team. Yes, seriously. I can imagine few more high-pressured jobs than cricket coach of India or Pakistan. (Especially when India loses to minnows Bangladesh (!), and Pakistan to Ireland in the same week)

    Fingers crossed for the New Zealand Black Caps. Our 3-0 victory over Australia recently has lifted the game here from the usual catatonic despair to thrilling hope.

  2. Oh dear. This gets better and better, Hugo. Pakistani Police are apparently treating the death as suspicious. The loss to Ireland really can’t have helped, if that is the case.