Cathy Seipp

I only infrequently read the blog of Cathy Seipp, a fellow blogging Angeleno, National Review contributor, and notable conservative. I disagree with her about virtually everything. But according to this post by her daughter Maia, Cathy is in hospital, dying of lung cancer, with only a few days left. Maia is very young and very brave; if you’re so inclined, join me in prayer for them both. (Hat tip to Rudy).

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0 thoughts on “Cathy Seipp

  1. I stopped after reading this and said a prayer for Cathy and her family, and then left a note on the blog. I hope others will, too.

  2. I will keep Cathy in my prayers.

    I love today’s “Verse of the Day” (1 Peter 2:2-3). I’ve never read it before. It’s beautiful.