Tuesday night search terms

Since last Thursday, these search queries have been used by folks to come to this blog:

hugo schwyzer sociopath (A surprising number of folks think that’s an accurate diagnosis, but I hope they want this post)

conflict with the pyramids egypt (I’ve never said anything nasty about the pyramids, and live in harmony with ’em as far as I can tell. Doesn’t everyone?)

arminian pornstars (I’m sure they meant Armenian, but it’s just possible they’re lookin’ for well-endowed actors who reject predestination)

tampon hugo schwyzer
(You want this post)

how do i find the clitoris (Yours or someone else’s? In either event, finding it is a good idea. Maybe read this? Or for actual advice, go here to the wonderful folks at Scarleteen)

storage academic diplomas (As I’ve said, it’s the best place for them)

ethics on advisor who is tempting students to take them in research (The syntax has so many possibilities)

shepherdize o.j. simpson Okay, I give. What the heck does that mean, and how did it lead someone here?

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0 thoughts on “Tuesday night search terms

  1. shepherdize o.j. simpson

    Obviously they want to convert him to Judaism, and have noted that he is swarthy.

    (OK, that was lame.)

    I once got “seeing jesus by looking at dots” as a search term on a blog that has nothing about religion OR optical illusions.

  2. Shepardizing is a legal term. It’s when you look up cases occurring after the case you’re citing to see if the case your citing is still valid precedent. In other words, the guy is trying to find out whether OJ Simpson’s case has been overturned. (Why the person was using Google instead of using Lexis or Westlaw, I have no idea. Google’s absolutely no help for shepardizing.)

    I don’t know why it would lead them to your blog, though. Maybe your Christian references to sheperds combined with your racial and gender analysis of the Simpson case?

  3. Regarding the post about tampons, masturbation and women’s bodies, I have some antedotes. I am posting here because that thread is so old.

    I lived in Japan for two years. In the preparation for moving there, we (meaning women) were told to take tampons if we use them because they are scarce in Japan and the ones that are sold are uncomfortable. I left Japan in 2004 and this was still true.

    I live in Mexico now and my Mexican friends don’t have the issues with their bodies that has been described. I tend to hang out with feminists, though.

    Lastly, about 2 weeks ago, I went to see an Argentinan movie. The movie was based on a young girl (about 9 or 10) who took care of her drug addicted mother. The girl went to see her father and on the bus on the way, menstrated for the first time. Her paternal grandmother gave her a tampon to use. I don’t know if that can be taken as any kind of indication of attitudes changing, but might add to discussion.

  4. Re your point on the clitoris search: the other day my husband asked me what the heck a training bra was, and whether the intended trainees were the wearers or others who might appreciate an “easy open” feature….

  5. Meredith, when you answered Hugo’s question, and asked why a person attempting to Shepardize a case would use Google rather than Lexis or Westlaw, I thought “Possibly because Lexis/Westlaw access costs a small fortune?” It’s for that reason that law students usually end up doing their Shepardizing in a law or government library, where the computers available for patron use will enable them to access Lexis or Westlaw without having to pay for their own subscriptions–if they’re not working as interns at a law firm. But perhaps the individual in question was without access to such a computer at the time, and just Googled for the heck of it…

  6. Good point — I forgot about that. As a law student, I currently have free access to both. (Lexis and Westlaw have started giving 1Ls free accounts to get us addicted while we’re young — and effectively prevent us from learning how to do book shepardizing.)