Friday Random Ten: finals looming edition

Not much comment on this week’s FRT, save to note that those who know Pure Prairie League only for their one great hit, “Amie”, ought to listen to the rest of the oeuvre. I am really enjoying my new iPhone; having an iPod and a phone rolled into one makes me very happy, and I don’t care if the darned thing is about to be obsolete.

1. “American Daughters”, Sarah Buxton
2. “9 Crimes”, Damien Rice
3. “Elvis Presley and America”, U2
4. “Shroud”, Ani DiFranco
5. “When Ye Go Away”, the Waterboys
6. “She Darked the Sun”, Pure Prairie League
7. “Farther Along”, Trio (Harris, Parton, Ronstadt)
8. “Who Am I to Say”, Justin Townes Earle
9. “Late for the Sky”, Jackson Browne
10. “That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart”, Aimee Mann

Bonus Track One: “I’ll Fly Away”, Jars of Clay

3 thoughts on “Friday Random Ten: finals looming edition

  1. I need to explain FRTs, Nancy. You hit “shuffle” on your Ipod or MP3 player, and what will come up are a random ten songs in no particular order; there’s no prioritization involved. The bonus track is either the 11th song to come up or one particular song you’ve listened to a lot that week. Hence Friday “random” ten rather than Friday “top” ten!

  2. I was named for the song “Amie”. People like to sing it at me occasionally.

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