A Wish List for Young Parents

A wonderful post at RH Reality Check by Lauren Bruce, web designer (of this blog and many others), founder of Feministe, and former teen mother: A Wish List for Young Parents. It’s full of win, as the kids say these days, especially:

Young parents need safe, affordable housing in which to raise their children. Moreover, their housing should not be yanked out from under them based on their marital or partnered status. Marriage isn’t magic. Marriage doesn’t protect you from finding out your partner is a lying, cheating, alcoholic loser. People don’t become single parents because they stupid, they became single parents because they can’t predict the future, one of the reasons that the “you should have known better” approach to single mothers is so infuriating. Nobody enters a marriage planning to divorce, nobody enters a relationship optimistically anticipating a nasty break up, and endless nights of arguments and crying jags are not elements of a good relationship or stable household or happy childhood.

Read the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “A Wish List for Young Parents

  1. I was a young parent myself–I never feel like I can really go into certain of the details behind the sequence of events that led to me marrying the father of the baby when I was five months pregnant, as there is always that faint chance that my older son will stumble across any comment I make someday, somehow, and thereby discover a fact or two that he doesn’t really need to know. However, suffice it to say that the author hit the nail on the head.

  2. The wishlist is not just for young parents, it is for any parents. Young parents at least are employable once there children get older. Older mothers abandoned by their husband, boyfriend can be left with no housing, no income and no future. The older mother certainly has no relatives or friends to help at any level.

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