Jendi on abuse and complementarianism

Speaking of relationship dynamics and power, here’s a link to Jendi Reiter’s important post today about the church, abuse, and the idea that the sexes are “complementary” (with specific roles assigned for each). Jendi is easier on complementarianism than I am (I regard it as a grave and pernicious heresy), but the analysis she offers is first-rate. Do read.

0 thoughts on “Jendi on abuse and complementarianism

  1. A horrid litany it is, reminding me of nothing so much as the restrictions put on children–being uprooted from a place one loves and forced to live for years in an isolated, desolate land; not being able to get something one wants even when there is the money, not even being able to choose one’s hair length. I can’t imagine a sane person wanting to impose that on any innocent adult for life.
    I’m entirely with you on complementarianism. Let’s help folks find out how to complement others in their own unique ways.

  2. I’m surprised that there aren’t more comments on this post! My personal biggest beef with complimentarianism (aside from the whole Man is the head of the household and makes all the decisions) is the expectation that all men are good at the same things and that all women are good at the same things. My husband and I do compliment each other very well, I am great with details and paperwork, he can re-wire a switch and be the duty bad guy when necessary. I deal with money, he deals with the housekeeping. These splits have come about organically based on our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a couple. If we were forced into a cookie-cutter mold of what other people thought we should be doing, our marriage would not work.