November 2010 California endorsements

Though the general election is still 27 days away, here are my California endorsements for the November 2 ballot.

Statewide Offices

US Senate: Barbara Boxer
Governor: Jerry Brown
Lieutenant Governor: Gavin Newsom
Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
Attorney General: Kamala Harris
Controller: John Chiang
Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones
State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Larry Aceves

For the partisan offices (all but the last), I’m endorsing Democrats. I have endorsed Republicans in past elections. In 2006, I endorsed a Green (Peter Camejo) for Governor and two Republicans (Steve Poizner over Cruz Bustamante for Insurance Commissioner and Bruce MacPherson for Secretary of State over Debra Bowen.) But the caliber of the Democrats is uniformly higher this cycle, and genuinely progressive Republicans like MacPherson have been purged from the GOP.

California propositions

A full list of the state propositions and ballot summaries can be found here.

Prop 19 (legalize marijuana): Yes (see Monday’s post)
Prop 20: (redistricting of congressional districts): Yes
Prop 21: ($18 increase in vehicle license fee for state parks): Yes
Prop 22: (local versus state funds): No
Prop 23: (repeal the state’s landmark emissions law): No
Prop 24: (business taxes): Yes
Prop 25: (simple majority for budget): Yes
Prop 26: (two-thirds majority for protecting environment): No
Prop 27: (put redistricting back in legislative hands): No

Feel free to inquire about these positions in the comments.

0 thoughts on “November 2010 California endorsements

  1. Hugo, I’d like to ask you to reconsider your vote on Prop. 20.

    Prop. 20 contains a clause in it which will inevitably result in bad districts: it requires that the district size vary by at most one person.

    That wouldn’t be an issue if housing units were single-person. But they aren’t; the only way to comply with this requirement is to have apartment buildings split up so that some apartments are in one district and others are in other districts … and even that may not be sufficient, as many single-family dwellings have more than one voter.

    The likely result is that every district plan drawn up under this initiative violates its plain language, and every district plan results in a court battle where courts try to figure out how to implement an (impossible) exacting requirement.

  2. Gotta love the First Amendment. Profs on my side of the border aren’t allowed to do what you’re doing with this post, Hugo.

  3. I can’t do it in class. But I pay for this blog and do it on my own time, and usually use my own equipment to put up posts — and yes, the First Amendment is precious indeed.

  4. Wonder if there’d be any way to license Daydream Believer for the insurance commissioner candidate’s campaign.

  5. I’m still planning to vote no on 200, because (a) I want to see the commission work at least once before giving it more power, and (b) I don’t think the California democrats unilaterally disarming in the congressional gerrymandering battle is going to be productive for my overall political preferences.

    But I don’t feel as strongly about it as I do about 27, which sets up a legal requirement of a practical impossibility.

  6. I’m in favor of supporting parks, but vehicle fees and taxes should be reserved for transportation issues. Road maintenance, clean-air emissions laws, public transit, that sort of thing.

  7. Any particular ideological reason, mythago? Or just intellectual neatness?

    (I agree that taxes from broad function X should go towards broad function X, I just wonder why you think that.)

  8. First, thank you for the recommendations. Based on your endorsements, I corrected only 2 of my current votes. The rest was in agreement with yours already :) First one I corrected was Prop 22, which I was to vote YES. It is now a NO. And lastly, Prop 25 was a NO, is now a YES based on your endorsements. I was quite surprised…usually I might have a far opinion from most but, we are good. So I’m voting tomorrow!!!

  9. Well, Lyn, I appreciate the vote of confidence in my choices. I don’t expect everyone to agree, but considerable thought and reflection went into my selections, and I am honored when someone chooses to follow my suggestions.

    Above all, so glad you’re voting. Get out the vote among your friends and family too!