Denver bound

I’m finishing work and teaching today, getting ready to head off to the National Women’s Studies Association meeting in Denver tomorrow. I’ve got lots of panels and papers to listen to, and will try and restrain myself from buying too many books from the vendors. I hope to see old friends and meet new ones, and do some blogging while I’m there as well. And on Sunday morning, I’ll be speaking on a panel that looks at “problems and potential” with men in anti-sexist activism. My theme, not surprisingly, will revolve around “step up and step back.”

And I’m going to try and run at altitude in what promises to be miserable weather.

0 thoughts on “Denver bound

  1. I’ll be in Denver this weekend as well and the weather looks pretty decent – some snow today and tomorrow but highs above freezing in the day with 10% chance on friday 30% chance on saturday of snow. It’s going to be great Rocky Mountain weather for November.

  2. I live in Denver and the weather will be very nice, considering the time of year, so count your blessings. Also the weather is ever-changing and usually not so temperate this time of year either, but one never knows how it will go…as the saying goes, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes”.

  3. Hey Hugo, I’ve wanted to post about this on here but haven’t found a fitting topic, so I thought I’d put it into a semi-open-topic-type thread: What do you think about the latest developments with Kyle Payne? (Google it for the rather horrific details.)

    I’m pretty shocked that he continues to get very lenient punishment; I expected the original sentence before it was suspended to be restored in full or close to it. I know that you’ve also struggled with pornography (albeit nothing of this sort,) so it might be a topic you could relate to.

    It looks like Kyle continued to maintain a twitter in which he retweeted and linked topics that should have been off-limits to him (including, of all things, Ben Roethlisberger, whom I detest, but he’s about the last person to talk) as recently as mid-September, which was a month after his probation violation. Additionally, it looks like he did have to register as a sex offender at some point.