A quintet of lectures on Beauty and the Body

Mon-Shane has a number of past Beauty and the Body lectures she’s uploaded as audio files.

The Martha Complex and Perfectionism

On the body and mother/daughter relationships

On the body and father/daughter relationships

Sex, Sexualization, Agency and Desire (the lecture that reminded me to write the Jezebel post)

The body in mainstream pornography

0 thoughts on “A quintet of lectures on Beauty and the Body

  1. Couple of intersecting items here.
    My father played ball for UConn, graduating in 1943. He was reputed to be the fastest end in the conference. He was 6’1″, 185 lbs. Found a recent fed table telling him he was overweight.
    I was 6’2″, 205 when I got out of OCS. Underfed, overworked and overstressed. I could have whipped a tiger barehanded, except that if a tiger had looked me in the eye, he’d have slunk away.

    This recent government obsession with obesity, fed by ratcheting downward the relevant tables, will allow and even require more invasive, intrusive, restrictive roles for the federal nanny state to impose upon us. It will generate a new department whose officials’ jobs will depend on nobody ever losing the necessary weight, so the tables will continue to be ratcheted down until a fast and agile wide receiver is considered obese.

    Now. It also means we’re also telling skinny young women they need to lose weight.

    Is there a problem here? Where does a progressive go?