More hate spam

Just got seven hate spam from this IP address: It also includes this: ( I’ve been working with the very helpful authorities at BU to track down the last hate spammer, and would be grateful for any leads on this IP.

This isn’t about silencing speech. It’s about outing nameless trolls.

5 thoughts on “More hate spam

  1. Not a good idea to troll from a readily identifiable IP. When I post from my domicile you can identify me to one of around 500 people…

  2. I’m not chickensh*t enough to troll anonymously. :) It amazes me than anyone is, frankly. I really couldn’t respect myself anymore if I did so.

  3. I hope for your sake that you are actually forwarding any “hate spam” to the authorities because should anyone do as you suggest and track down this person, you could be held civilly or criminally responsible for any harassment or harm caused to that person.

  4. Hugo,

    If you have the IP and the PTR for it, you already have everything you need. You probably know all this already but just in case :

    By the name (ptr) for the IP, you can see that the ISP is, Roadrunner. Google for the ISP name, and then AUP or ‘acceptable use policy’ and you will be able to see whether or not their AUP specifically forbids the sort of email you’ve received. most of them do.

    Send the mail, with all the headers, to the abuse team or support team at the domain in question (in this case and advise them that, as per their AUP at (insert the url for it – eg ), you are reporting this (repeat) abuse and requesting that they deal with it, and (within the limits of privacy) advise as to their actions in a response. You may find it useful to see if they have an ombudsman or security person listed that you can CC it to.

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