Mrs. Palin’s Mangina: on the pregnancy hoax, feminism, and baby Trig

Laura Novak, the writer who interviewed me for a story on circumcision at the Good Men Project, has been writing a great deal lately about the so-called “Sarah Palin pregnancy hoax.” She’s done a series of interviews with Brad Scharlott, a professor at the University of Northern Kentucky who’s convinced that Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy of her most recent child, Trig.

Count me in the camp of those who instinctively reject conspiracy theories — and who find it find it difficult to believe that Palin faked a pregnancy to cover up for Bristol (or some other family member.) But Novak tends to side with Scharlott, and both she and the professor have achieved some considerable recent notoriety as a consequence.

In any case, Laura shot me some questions and we did a little interview about Palin, pregnancy, and feminism. Read it all here, in a piece she calls Mrs. Palin’s Mangina.

Among other things, I say:

When it comes to sex, we’re all somewhat dishonest. We don’t have the vocabulary, most of us, to take the truth about our messy private lives into public spaces. Even if we want to tell our stories, our fears and our shame and our concern for others lead us to be less than forthcoming. And if Sarah Palin did pull off an elaborate hoax, I’m not sure that speaks to her essential truthfulness as a politician. When it comes to sex (our own and our children’s), we lie when we’d tell the truth about anything else…

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Palin’s Mangina: on the pregnancy hoax, feminism, and baby Trig

  1. I heard Trig was actually born in Kenya. Let’s see the birth certificate!

    Didn’t this whole thing start with Andrew Sullivan? Not to be impolite, but if we’re speculating on public figures’ medical conditions, Sullivan has got a way of coming out with strange things out of left field with a regularity that suggests that he’s no longer firing on all eight cylinders at least part of the day.

  2. They should stop watching Desperate Housewives 😛
    One of the women fake a pregnancy to protect her daughter !

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