MLS Official Says Men Don’t Find Female Soccer Fans Appealing

I’ve got a quick post up at Jezebel about a controversy brewing in my favorite sport: Major League Soccer Blowhard Says Female Superfans Are Totally Not Hot. Excerpt:

On Monday, Simon Borg, a writer for the league’s official site,, said on the league’s official podcast… “It’s fine if you’re a female and you want to be a super-fan. Clearly go for it, that’s your choice. But there is something to be said for how appealing that might be to the other sex. Having a woman that’s such a fan, like painting your face, tuning in to every podcast. I don’t know how many males would be into that.”

Simon Borg is getting a good fisking in the comments section too, and from Women United FC.

For more background on this story and sexism in the MLS check out Alicia Ratterree’s great post at The Goat Parade. (She’s a Chivas USA fan, but it’s still worth reading.)

One thought on “MLS Official Says Men Don’t Find Female Soccer Fans Appealing

  1. This is funny to me because I live in the Rust Belt, where we have no economic hope, but quite a bit of football. Men seem to prefer female sports fans for dating, and I’ve met quite a few women who feign a fandom that superficially appears deeper than it actually is so they can expand their dating pool.

    It’s not a popular view, but I find very few sports fans of either gender to be attractive. My experience dating them has been that the love for the game is all-encompassing, and encroaches on the relationship itself. While being queer-identified is not always fortunate, I do feel blessed that, in dating strictly queer women and men, and being married to a bisexual man, that I am not expected to conform to the rabid, almost-mandatory sports/football fandom my straight peers deal with.

    The homophobia, racism, and misogyny of sports is, of course, a huge turnoff, and is largely why, I suspect, sports fandom is seldom a dating requirement of “dealbreaker” status in the LGBT community.

    This will be my final comment for today. I appreciate the space to share my thoughts. Have a great weekend and holiday.

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