Why Complementarians Hate the “Jesus Boyfriend” phenomenon

My Genderal Interest column this week at Jezebel: Jesus Ain’t Your Boyfriend. Excerpt:

In an article on the Christianity Today website this week, Courtney Reissig warns that there’s a growing problem of young women who “equate contentment (in Jesus) with a romantic relationship with him.” With marriage rates rapidly falling, even among evangelical Christians, Reissig suggests that part of the reason is that too many faithful young women see Jesus as “a sweet boyfriend who takes us out on dates, rather than the God-man who paid for our sin on the cross.”

There’s an anti-feminist agenda behind Reissig’s plea to young women to break it off with Jesus. In addition to blogging for the flagship site of American evangelicalism, she writes for the ultra-conservative Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, an organization that fights against the dangers of “feminist egalitarianism” and insists on distinct, rigidly complementary roles for each sex. Just like men’s rights activists, organizations like the CBMW complain that feminism has made women too picky, too demanding, too unappreciative of ordinary dudes. To a staunch theological conservative like Reissig, women make the mistake of falling in love with Jesus because feminism has raised women’s standards for a romantic relationship impossibly high.

I wrote about a similar topic a few years ago.

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