Going on August hiatus; a post on male voyeurism at Jezebel

Like shrinks everywhere, I’ll be on hiatus for the rest of August, taking a break from my regular columns at RoleReboot and Jezebel. My last post of the month at the latter site epiphed yesterday. In it, I look at the recent epidemic of hidden camera peeping tom incidents, and do some reflecting on what drives men’s voyeurism. The final paragraph:

But perhaps the most basic thing we can do is end once and for all the indulgent “boys will be boys” attitude towards voyeurism. Whether it’s staring up girls’ skirts (Putzie in the classic musical Grease) or greedily watching young women shower through peepholes (most of the male cast of Porky’s), we’ve grown up with a pop culture that portrays the urge to spy on unsuspecting women as a normal, healthy, inevitable part of a dude’s coming of age. But as the arrest reports make clear, plenty of guys aren’t growing out of this behavior –- coaches, pastors, and grandfathers are among those who’ve been charged with spying on unsuspecting women. The sooner we see even boyish voyeurism as having less to do with healthy sexual curiosity than with predatory, boundary-violating behavior, the better.

Read the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Going on August hiatus; a post on male voyeurism at Jezebel

  1. Agreed on the need to reduce predation on human beings. But I in a quick search did not turn up “epiph” as a verb. Would you explain this when you get back?

  2. Human beings do not have the right to invade the privacy of other human beings.

    I’m not seeing, however, where men who peep inside women’s locker rooms or try to take cell-phone pictures up women’s skirts are laughed off. From what I’ve seen, they’re prosecuted. So where, exactly, are you still allegedly finding this “boys will be boys” attitude?

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