Ten Favorite Posts of 2012

For the eighth consecutive year, I’m putting up the 10 posts from the last 12 months of which I am proudest. For the second year in a row, none ran here and instead appeared first at other sites.

In no particular order:

Are Men Attracted to What They Think Other Men Approve Of? (Jezebel)

The War on Men (Daily Life)

My Sweet Boy, My Goy Toy (Jewrotica) NSFW , R-rated, etc

One Mistake Won’t Ruin Your Life, Remember That (Jezebel)

Confessions of a Formerly Sexist Man (Daily Life)

I Don’t Need to Know if You Masturbate (Role/Reboot)

If It’s Not a Secret, It’s Not Safe: Girls, Boys and the Pleasure Paradox (Jezebel)

Beauty v. Sexuality: Why the Fear of Lust Shames Both Men and Women (Relevant)

Why Guys Really Hate Being Called “Creepy” (Jezebel)

Why Men and Women Do Not “Complete” Each Other (Role/Reboot)

In case you missed them, my two most controversial posts:

He Wants to Jizz on Your Face, But Not Why You’d Think (Jezebel)

On Digging Out My Ex Wife’s Tampon

And in terms of sheer numbers, my most viewed article of the year: Why Most Mass Murderers are Privileged White Men.

Thank you for your praise, your criticism, your willingness to retweet and share, your comments.

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