James Deen Wrap-Up

James Deen’s visit to Pasadena City College ended up being a huge success. I’m grateful for the forbearance of college authorities, the news media, my wonderful students, as well as James and his very accommodating and flexible team.

A few news articles on the event:

New York Daily News

Pasadena Sun

Fox News (local affiliate, video)

The Pasadena Star-News (also featuring video and photos as well as a lengthy write-up)

Google will give you more.

I look forward to welcoming more stars of adult entertainment to class, such as Jessica Drake and Kelly Shibari. I’m also bringing in Charlie Glickman, sex educator and activist. And for the sake of balance and perspective, my students are also reading the work of Robert Jensen and Gail Dines, the two best-known feminist critics of pornography.

My students dealt with the media crush, the change of venue, and other distractions with aplomb. They asked great questions of both James and Stoya, his friend and another celebrated entertainer who came for support. I’m very proud of my students, proud of my college, and feeling lucky to have tenure.

After his talk to my class, a photo with a former student turned international star and activist

After his talk to my class, a photo with a former student turned international star and activist

2 thoughts on “James Deen Wrap-Up

  1. Can’t believe James Deen is considered to be “controversial.”

    At a college.

    In California.

    But if James Deen is the new normal for what is “controversial,” which is scary enough, then it’s even more scary that there were almost NO protesters. It’s a college. Protest and dialog should be encouraged. It speaks volumes about how timid and complacent our society is today when first the administration freaks over a few disgruntled phone calls (We’re afraid of protests. At. A. College. :/) and then anybody that may have been upset didn’t show up to make their voices heard. If the administration truly felt there would be protests, then I wish its response had been “Bring it!” It’s a college. People should protest.

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