Buzzfeed on “Navigating Pornography”

Buzzfeed came and did a story on my Navigating Pornography course, producing a three-minute video that’s gotten some nice coverage.

In all the intense media focus on this course, what’s lost is a point I try to make to every reporter with whom I speak: these courses are not new. I may be the first professor to teach a course on pornography at Pasadena City College, but I’m building on the groundbreaking work of folks like Constance Penley and Linda Williams, the real pioneers in this field.

More media:

My radio interview on Los Angeles’s KROQ

2 thoughts on “Buzzfeed on “Navigating Pornography”

  1. Listened to the Keven & Bean interview with glee. I grew up listening to those guys and it was fun to hear you on their show and hear their genuine surprise on your willingness to talk with them and share your thoughts.

    They seemed almost shocked that women actually enjoyed porn and your makeup of the class reflected this.

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