In the Daily Telegraph

I may be off social media, but I can’t say no to an interview. Today I’m in the Telegraph: The rise and fall of America’s most infamous ‘male feminist’: Hugo Schwyzer:

He admits this desire to be commercial has impacted on the brand on male feminism he espouses. “The serious sort of feminists I grew up with would have looked at what I was writing and would have said it was frivolous. My mother is a classic second-wave feminist when I was growing up. She was very disappointed in the direction my feminism took. She wanted me to be writing about wage equality and things like that. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in that, but it wasn’t sexy enough.”

Despite his own behaviour Schwyzer still believes that male feminism has a place. “Feminism points out ways in which rigid gender roles don’t work out for men and women – particularly for women. But not by any means exclusively for women, we’re all handicapped
“Maybe the most obvious generic example is that we live in a culture where young women in the work place are invariably sexualised which can be deeply uncomfortable and which young men at home and in the work place are not allowed to express a full range of emotions. Women can’t unsex themselves and boys can’t cry.”

But what do men add to the argument? “Male feminists play a vital role by bringing up the male aspect of this. We know what it’s like to live in a male body, we know what it’s like to have testosterone. And we can answer the question is testosterone driving us? Or is it a tool?” he shares candidly.

Saying Goodbye to Pasadena City College

I will not be returning to my teaching position at Pasadena City College, a position I have held since 1993.

I am on medical leave for the entire fall semester, and in early 2014, will transition into disability retirement status. I do not anticipate returning to the classroom at PCC, or anywhere else for that matter.

UPDATE: To be very clear, I’m struggling with an ongoing problem with mental illness. I have been hospitalized on involuntary holds five times this summer. The repeated insinuation that I’m not really ill is infuriating: people who’ve never met me offer diagnoses as well as assertions that I’m “faking it” all. I’m on something like nine medications: Zyprexa, Depakote, Invega, Ambien, Klonopin, Lexapro, Tramadol, Naltrexone and Lithium. (They took me off Seroquel after I ODed on it on September 4, the night I confessed the truth about hving slept with students.) I’m meeting with therapists constantly.

This is a desperately difficult time for me and my family, and in the view of my psychiatrist, it is a time for me to take disability retirement. (A disability retirement is processed through the State Teachers Retirement System, not the college.)

Second UPDATE: My wife and I have agreed to separate. Eira and I are pledged to an amicable and cooperative divorce that prioritizes the well-being of our children.

Talking Men and Feminism on KPFK: UPDATED

I’ll be appearing tonight on KPFK radio’s Feminist Magazine at 7:30PM PST. Along with Pia Guerrero (of Adios Barbie) and Melanie Klein (of Feminist Fatale) we’ll be talking about Men and Feminism — and our December 1 panel on that topic at Santa Monica College.

Listen live here, and a podcast will be available within a day or two.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the show.

Hugo on the Jesse Lee Peterson Show

I’m going to be a guest on conservative Christian minister Jesse Lee Peterson’s radio show Wednesday morning, from about 8:00-9:00AM Pacific Time. I’ve tangled with him briefly before, and so I imagine our discussion of masculinity and the boy crisis will be heated. I may even get a word in edgewise.

Jesse and I were both born on May 22. I suspect that is all we have in common. Tune in!

Listen here. And the podcast will be here a day or two later.

Joining Jezebel

I’m so pleased to announce that next month, I’ll be joining Jezebel as a weekly contributing writer. Of course, my regular columns at Good Men Project and Healthy is the New Skinny will continue to appear.

I’m thrilled about joining Gawker Media and Jezebel, and reaching a particularly intelligent, savvy — and occasionally ruthless — commentariat.

My column is tentatively set to appear on Thursdays. My first piece is scheduled for October 6.

I’ve written a few things for Jezebel before:

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And my most-read piece to date:

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