FOUR more lectures up: semen, menstrual blood, and consent (again)

I’ve got three four recordings to offer today. The first two are from recent lectures in my Beauty and the Body course, taped and posted by Mon-Shane Chou:

Semen and its meaning

Fear of Fluid: on menstrual blood

Mon-Shane also has her own version of my November 18 talk on stoplights and enthusiastic consent

UPDATE: Tal Peretz sends me this recording of our panel discussion on Men & Anti-Sexist Activism which took place at NWSA 2010 in Denver. You can stream this one without needing to download, though it’s a long-un at over 77 minutes.

A few good men? New research on problems with male “allies”

I’m home from Denver and the National Women’s Studies Association meeting. It was a great four days in Colorado, with the chance to connect with many wonderful colleagues and the chance to get fresh inspiration for my own writing, teaching, mentoring, and personal growth.

Though my own panel on men (with my colleagues Robert Buelow, Tal Peretz, and Brian Jara) was far less well-attended than last year, I was pleased with the discussion we had. (Our presentation was recorded, and I will have a link to it eventually.) We continued last year’s Atlanta discussion on the problems with and potential for men in feminist spaces and men in anti-violence activism.

Though I’ve got more to say about our panel discussion — including my focus on reconciling male sexual desire and feminism, the subject of so much of our recent debates around here –I want to start with the experience that deeply impacted those of us who presented in Denver.

Three of us were deeply influenced by a panel we’d gone to a day earlier, presented by Chris Linder of Colorado State University and one of her graduate students. Their presentation looked at the experiences of women who had worked with self-described male feminists on college campuses, mostly young men doing anti-violence work. Their research findings were sobering; Linder and her graduate researcher, Rachel Johnson, found that a great many women whom they surveyed reported serious boundary violations (including sexual assault) at the hands of male feminist allies. Anecdotes turned into hard data (the study is unpublished, but we were given a summary of the findings) and that hard data revealed that the problem of misconduct by men who claim to be doing feminist work is far more serious than we had previously imagined. Continue reading

First night at NWSA and a link to Jezebel

I’m in Denver. It’s freezing, but I’ll probably brave a run outside in the morning anyway.

I went to a marvelous panel on age-discrepant romantic relationships and a study on a comparison in attitudes among college students to four different types of those relationships: older men/younger women, older women/younger men, older women/younger women and older men/younger men. All the presenters were from Tennessee Chattanooga, and I made some good contacts — though it’s on the backburner, the book on “older men, younger women” is still — slowly — being written. My archive is here.

I’m very pleased that Jezebel reprinted Tuesday’s “Paris Paradox” post on the sexy v. sexual dichotomy. Lots of good comments in the Jezebel thread.

Denver bound

I’m finishing work and teaching today, getting ready to head off to the National Women’s Studies Association meeting in Denver tomorrow. I’ve got lots of panels and papers to listen to, and will try and restrain myself from buying too many books from the vendors. I hope to see old friends and meet new ones, and do some blogging while I’m there as well. And on Sunday morning, I’ll be speaking on a panel that looks at “problems and potential” with men in anti-sexist activism. My theme, not surprisingly, will revolve around “step up and step back.”

And I’m going to try and run at altitude in what promises to be miserable weather.

NWSA 2010

I’m going to be in Denver from Thursday through Sunday of this coming week to take part in the annual meeting of the National Women’s Studies Association. I’m speaking on a Sunday morning panel about Feminist Masculinities, a follow-up to our presentation in Atlanta a year ago. Here’s the overview of our session.

If any of my readers are going, let me know. Would love to meet ya.

And I’ll be blogging from the Mile High City as well…